Hanover Flag Company
Job Description
Responsible for sewing and finishing flags, banners, and fabric promotional products.
Primary responsibilities:
Sew flags, banners, and a variety of fabric products
Follow customer order instructions completely and accurately.  Verifying quantity, size, product finishing, etc. matches order forms.
Meet quality requirements and productivity standards
Monitor machine operation.  Perform weekly checks, address minor adjustments, and communicate larger issues to production supervisor.
Ensure proper thread color, golf tube, car staff, fringe, etc., according to job requirements
Maintain a clean and organized work station
Assist with production tasks such as cutting, pinning, packing or hardware assembly, etc.
Assist coworkers to meet deadlines as a team
Other tasks and duties as assigned

Knowledge of industrial sewing machine with double needle
Demonstrate basic sewing machine knowledge (needle changes, thread changes, bobbin changes, tension, machine threading, etc.)
Ability to bend, stretch, sit for long periods of time, and lift up to 35 pounds
Ability to multi-task and meet deadlines
Ability to collaborate and work well in a team environment

Full Time, Hourly, Non-Exempt
Variable Schedule based on production demands (typically 8:00-4:30p.m. Mon-Fri)
Contact Information